Month: February, 2012

Amoureux d’une affiche


live love laugh

My weekend begins each thursday at 10 pm but today is better than any other thursday because my bf is coming to visit me in Valencia. So incredibly happy.


lazy sunday

first breakfast outside

So it’s been two weeks since I moved to Valencia and so far so good. This morning me and Olivia were able to eat our first brunch at the terrace, I made toast skagen for the first time and loved it! So easy and yummy.

First time I live somewhere where you can sit outside in your pj’s in february so can’t say I mind! The plan for tonight is dinner with my flatmates mom and sister and maybe drinks after. Saturday night so life is gooood!


thursday night

In the couch watching stupid shows and really enjoying myself. Had a cozy but long day and tomorrow I have a lot of stuff to do before leaving on Saturday.

Roses, candles and Orangina are working the magic.



It’s so cold in london right now. All I want to do is to stay inside and be warm until Saturday when I leave for Valencia. Will be so much fun so I can’t wait! xx

new years

Missing Mauritius a bit. Just a bit, it’s just so cold in London right now.

it’s like I told you honey

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