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Yesterday we saw a lot of Madrid and even if it was hot, strolling around was such a pleasure and enabled us to see so much of the city. Our walk ended at Magasand, one of my favourite places for quick but delicious food in Madrid, where we bought pick nick to bring with us in the Retiro park.





Tonight I am relaxing out on the balcony here in Madrid with watermelon drinks and long talks. It has been really hot here so today I decided to wear my new jumpsuit from Zara for the first time! It was so good in the heat as it isn’t tight and made in a soft material, plus I love the cut and pattern..


sunday bliss

IMG_3209 IMG_3208 IMG_3213


Jeans: Topshop moto

Today was the best Sunday in a long time, had a long and cosy breakfast, a long walk and the afternoon was spent in la rotonda in the Westin Palace. Loved every minute, and now it’s time for a drink and dinner! Loving the pattern on the jeans, makes them fun to wear any day and today I  matched it with a t-shirt with the same pattern, worked really well together.


dinner date


IMG_3184 IMG_3186

Dress: Zara, Boots: Scorett, Nude top: Filippa K

Yesterday I wanted to wear something a bit more fun when we went out for dinner and since I only used this dress once in Florence I thought it was time to pull it out of the closet again. I love how voluminous the skirt of the dress is while the upper part is tight and almost totally see through, which is also why I matched with a nude top under.

sweet dreams

christmas feeling

Coat: Uterqüe, Bag: Bimba&Lola

Such a lovely day in Madrid, champagne and mini sandwiches at the Westin Palace where we are staying, a walk to the Mercado San Miguel and later a great restaurant where I enjoyed white asparagus and a yummy steak.

My new coat and bag were a perfect pick for the day as we also passed by a christmas market, felt so cosy!




IMG_3142 IMG_3147


About to leave to the airport to pick up my mami who’s coming to Madrid to visit me and I couldn’t be happier! Haven’t seen her since September in Florence and I’m so happy she took the time to come and visit me.

Will post today’s outfit a bit later but here you have a little preview.

sparkling bronze

nail polish and earrings

Matched the earrings yesterday with a nail polish from Mavala, 230 Sparkling Bronze.




dark wo O

focused OPants and top: Adidas

When I have a lot of my mind I usually try stay on top of things by keeping my life organised and healthy. Today I worked out for 40 min at home in front of the computer, and I know for a fact that my muscles will be killing me tomorrow but I feel so happy when I do it and so relaxed.


Early september

Nuestro calle O

Sep Mad, O

Can’t wait to have a bit of a tan again, wear shorts and flats. I’m hoping to catch some sun as soon as in January, since I’m going to Brazil the first time then! Will be a great experience I hope and already believe.


by your side

Side L

face L

Shirt L

Bending L


Trench coat: Burberry, Jeans: Ralph Lauren, Belt: The Kooples, Shoes: Scorett, White shirt: Filippa K

It’s Monday, sunny but cold. Perfect outfit for a late breakfast with my boy but I can’t believe he’s leaving today and that I have three weeks filled with exams and studying in front of me before I get to see him.



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