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Pink panther



I had such a long day with so many things to do, so to cheer myself up I put on my pinkish leopard printed jeans from By Malene Birger. I just love the fit and how smart they look together with just a simple white tee.






I’m so happy that I’m finally going to my hairdresser today- actually I think I never had such a long time in between two appointments..
Ill try to take some before and after pics to show you!


Night night


Dreaming of December, sleep tight xx

burning beauty

IMG_3470 IMG_3469


When I was in Stockholm with L last week we spent an afternoon walking around Fotografiska (The Museum of Photography). The David Lachapelle exhibition “burning beauty” was showing and I really enjoyed it.

Now it’s time for me to get for a little walk to some stores, hoping to find some perfect summer¬†outfits for Brazil!


Early september

Nuestro calle O

Sep Mad, O

Can’t wait to have a bit of a tan again, wear shorts and flats. I’m hoping to catch some sun as soon as in January, since I’m going to Brazil the first time then! Will be a great experience I hope and already believe.


the city that never sleeps

american way of life


I went to New York last weekend and enjoyed the freezing cold. Layers and layers of clothes and two jackets matched with a scarf, gloves and a hat kept me warm



military, red lips, blonde, Buenos Aires 2012

Laying in bed and thinking about the time up until Christmas, 24 days left. 21 days left in Madrid. Pretty crazy if you ask me.

Saturday today, perfect day to use some of the clothes I picked up yesterday and to try if my new coat really is warm and a good buy or if it was the design that lured me more?



Best bagel in Madrid I would have to say is at Magasand, “Manhattan” hits the spot every time.

Loving Madrid,


morning morning



Morning time and after three weeks of internship I have my last two weeks off until uni starts in Madrid. Loads of things to do until then but for now I just want to keep enjoying my time in Sweden with the family – meaning that I’ll be going to a horse competition twice today to see my sister and cousin compete.¬†

Time to get out of bed and do something!


flowers here, flowers there

If there is something that I really love to have at home it’s flowers, all colours (all though they are mostly pink or white..), all sizes and all kinds. It just makes me feel so at home, plus it makes everything about 100 times prettier. Last time I bought flowers I bought amazing blue, lavender coloured ones that fit perfectly on my dining table. I’m guessing by the time that I come home they will be kind of dead though so time for new ones tomorrow!

I’ve been with my boyfriends at his place in Germany for the first time for a week now, meeting the family and all which is going great, they’re all so nice to me that I really feel at home here.

Well now it’s time to actually do something with our day, maybe go in to Frankfurt or maybe just snuggle up in the couch again and keep watching friends… The weather here isn’t so inviting so the couch sounds like the best option I must say!


lazy sunday

new years

Missing Mauritius a bit. Just a bit, it’s just so cold in London right now.

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