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20130810-202502.jpgfirst look

Yesterday I arrived in Stockholm and I was so happy to be back home after eight months away! Spent my first night having dinner at Sturehof and drinks at Obaren which was lovely, both the company and the food! Didn’t have the energy to go out all night so went home quite early and slept like a baby.

Today I went home to my little city and just enjoyed a BBQ at my fathers. Time to watch the shining!




IMG_0361Mango bellini with my Joey <3

IMG_0360Happy times. In a wrap dress from Filippa K. 

A little recommendation when visiting Palma is to visit Forn de Sant Joan for some amazing drinks, a mojito or daiquiri would be my choice,  and some lovely tapas! A really nice place to eat and to spend some quality time.

Last time there we decided that each person would choose their favourite tapas and then we our waiter helped us choose some local favourites and some fusion tapas. In the end my favourites were the oven baked goat cheese with tomato jam and olive pasta and some delicious lamb cuts. 







I just got back from two lovely weeks on Mallorca. Spending time with dear ones, eating loads of food (especially seafood…), swimming, reading in the shade and just being plain happy.

This was my third summer on Mallorca and I enjoy it more and more each time I go, there is just so much to do and so many beautiful places to see! Plus it’s heaven for relaxation as well..
Have you ever been?:)





Yesterday we saw a lot of Madrid and even if it was hot, strolling around was such a pleasure and enabled us to see so much of the city. Our walk ended at Magasand, one of my favourite places for quick but delicious food in Madrid, where we bought pick nick to bring with us in the Retiro park.




Tonight I am relaxing out on the balcony here in Madrid with watermelon drinks and long talks. It has been really hot here so today I decided to wear my new jumpsuit from Zara for the first time! It was so good in the heat as it isn’t tight and made in a soft material, plus I love the cut and pattern..



20130708-234343.jpgbeautiful roses





My summer has started properly now and I spent the weekend on a road trip around the English countryside. It was around 30 degrees, not what I expected at all but it really made it amazing! I’d really recommend anyone to do it cause there are so many cute cities that have a lot to offer around here.

My favourites this weekend was watching my sister compete at Barbury and a little shopping spree in Bath.

Hope your weekend was nice!


Slow so slow

IMG_1945I’ve had such a lazy and busy weekend, however the two match, and one of the highlights was my saturday morning power walk in Regents Park with Charlotte. Just perfect when I’m feeling extra stressed to get some fresh air  and now I am excited for last week of Uni before holidays. Can’t wait for summer, sun, beach and fun!



20130119-194536.jpg On my way home to London now, can’t wait to see my boyfriend tomorrow and just be at home in my flat! Just an 11 hour flight left and I’m there.
Really had a great time here but after one year away from my home I just can’t wait to get back to my life again:)
Hope you guys have a lovely Saturday night with loads of fun!

santa teresa


20130116-134045.jpg Having lunch in the Santa Teresa area right now after a little tour here. Soon it’s time to go to the hotel for some treatments in the spa, can’t wait!

bellini in the rain


20130115-224725.jpg After a busy day in Rio the rain started pouring down and we spent the evening enjoying some drinks and dinner in the Cipriani restaurant here at the hotel. Now I’m so tired that it’s bed time for me, hope you guys had a wonderful day as well!



So I finally have time (and enough internet) to upload yesterdays outfit. I matched a grey dress with small silver dots and a low-cut back with an oversized black cardigan and sparkling golden heels and a little special hairdo, to remind my half brazilian cousin of her nordic roots haha;) Topped it off with a black fringe bag. For me it was a perfect outfit for yesterday, as I had to wear from morning till late and I was able to make it quite casual when I wrapped the black cardigan around me.


p.s. the pics are a bit blurry cause it was raining… yay d.s.

IMG_3815 IMG_3829


Rio baby


Just arrived in Rio and spending my time drinking juice by the pool. Wearing a very summery silk tunic in blue and beige and just loving life <3

dark fantasy

IMG_3766I was busy the whole day with my little cousins christening and felt really happy with my outfit (despite being a tad too overdressed for lunch.. haha). Tomorrow I’m flying to Rio so I’ll show you the whole outfit then, since I’m hoping I’ll have better internet there, but here’s a little preview at least!

sleep tight, xx

countryside pink and silver

IMG_3666brazil countryside IMG_3668 IMG_3649

Skirt; Zara, Sweater; Samsoe o Samsoe, Flats; Pied a terre

Yesterday I visited the countryside outside of Uberlandia and it was truly beautiful but and even though I am in Brazil I can’t say that the weather was at its best, it was actually kind of grey with rain here and there so I decided to cheer myself up with a bright pink skirt. I bought it about 2-3 years ago and I really don’t wear it a lot but I am happy I decided to bring it here as it really managed to brighten up my day! In general I really like skirts with this cut, it’s very simple but it has a certain elegance to it which sometimes can be harder to obtain with a tighter and shorter skirt (even though I don’t mind wearing those either haha).

Tried uploading this post for such a long time yesterday but with the internet here, it’s really not the easiest task! So instead of today’s outfit it’s yesterdays:)




IMG_3564 IMG_3560 IMG_3557 IMG_3553Jeans: MiH, Shoes: Nike, Skirt: Mango, Coat: Uterqüe 

First flight done and now I’m soon connecting to São Paulo and after that I have one more flight to bring us to our final destination. Because of the long day(s) I’m wearing something that’s comfy but still fun. I’m wearing my new jeans from MiH which I just love. I’ve been looking for a pair of flare jeans forever (or at least that’s what it feels like) and when I found them last week I finally fell in love with a pair!

Today I’m matching them with my new Nike Air shoes, something I wouldn’t normally do as I like flare jeans together with heels or flats but for a long flight I can’t say I mind the happy colours and their comfiness. Matched it all with a jeans shirt and my beige coat. Denim and denim put together can be a difficult match at some times but if done properly it’s a nice touch to any outfit. Do you like denim and denim or do you think it’s too much?


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