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23Today I turned 23 and ate cake for breakfast and lunch, one of the many benefits of birthdays. Ended the day with a crayfish party out at Sjökrogen and now I’m at home feeling grateful for the whole day, it really was the perfect birthday filled with so much laughter and love. The only thing missing was my sister and my love but I’ll celebrate with them in London next week instead!

Outfit wise I matched my new frill detailed skirt and a new open back top together with golden heeled black shoes. Really liked the combination as it’s very simple but still has some edgier details to it!





IMG_1770Off to go grocery shopping in my super comfy outfit and a very messy braid – vacation time at it’s best. Planning a BBQ out by the pool tonight and I’m in charge of food and wine shopping, so I’ll have to pay a visit to systembolaget (the only store that sells alcohol in Sweden…) and a covered market!



IMG_4968 IMG_4977 IMG_4978 IMG_5011 IMG_5041 IMG_5059 IMG_5083

Pants- Joseph; Sweater- Joseph; Bag- Zara


During the day I’ve been wearing these new pants from Joseph matched together with a simple cashmere top in a similar tone and matched with a blue velvet bag to create a very simple and super (super) comfy outfit. Felt like I was in my pj’s all day..

To be honest I’ve been lazy and spent most of my day watching games of thrones with Leander, but to at least do something I cleaned the whole flat and now we’re going out for dinner at this Argentinian restaurant I was recommended by a friend! Looking forward to it a lot.

Hope you’re having a nice Sunday night!




IMG_4999A little sneak peak of today’s outfit. Blue, reptile print and loose are key words for me now so a slow Sunday, what else to wear?









IMG_4914Cardigan-  Chloé ; Skirt- Jofama by Kenza


Today I wore a new cardigan, which I really like. You can wear it all button up or more like a v-neck, so it’s super easy to match. The ruffle detail also makes it stand out a bit from normal cardigans so very happy with this buy!

Wore it together with a leather skirt with a silver zipper and a 1 minute messy hairdo. Now I’m about to finish off my studying for today, wish me luck!








Shorts- Diane von Furstenberg; Sweater- Acne

Today I am just studying at home so what better time to wear my new Diane von Furstenberg shorts for the first time? Well probably loads, haha, but I couldn’t wait so I matched it with a wool sweater from Acne, which has a funny little twist on the back!

Love how the shorts aren’t skin-tight but rather baggy and then perfected with beautiful laser cut details on the legs; will be great this summer together with a simple top. For now, I’m happy to be wearing it with something warmer!


black and white mews




jeans- acne; top- h&m; jacket- zara; bag- balenciaga.


Today was a slow day so I just wanted to wear my favourite pair of skinny jeans, and a cute peplum top in white to create some kind of a contrast. What I love with these jeans, except than being super comfy, is that they are a bit shorter then regular jeans; a detail I just love! I topped it up with boots and a slouchy jacket in white and military green, mostly because it’s cold cold.

Hope you have a great Saturday night! Me, I’m staying in watching Eurovision with my boyfriend haha :)


simple with a twist

IMG_4043 IMG_4133 IMG_4142 IMG_4155 IMG_4157

Skirt; Zara, Shirt; Ralph Lauren, Shoes;? 

Last night we went for our last dinner here and I felt like dressing in something simple but cute and also something that covered my upper body as I burned like crazy despite layers and layers of sunscreen. So to be honest the skirt matched the colour of my stomach very well…

Anyways, I showed you this skirt before but this time I put it together with a very classic and oversize white shirt which resulted in a very classic look with a fun and pink twist!




So I finally have time (and enough internet) to upload yesterdays outfit. I matched a grey dress with small silver dots and a low-cut back with an oversized black cardigan and sparkling golden heels and a little special hairdo, to remind my half brazilian cousin of her nordic roots haha;) Topped it off with a black fringe bag. For me it was a perfect outfit for yesterday, as I had to wear from morning till late and I was able to make it quite casual when I wrapped the black cardigan around me.


p.s. the pics are a bit blurry cause it was raining… yay d.s.

IMG_3815 IMG_3829


countryside pink and silver

IMG_3666brazil countryside IMG_3668 IMG_3649

Skirt; Zara, Sweater; Samsoe o Samsoe, Flats; Pied a terre

Yesterday I visited the countryside outside of Uberlandia and it was truly beautiful but and even though I am in Brazil I can’t say that the weather was at its best, it was actually kind of grey with rain here and there so I decided to cheer myself up with a bright pink skirt. I bought it about 2-3 years ago and I really don’t wear it a lot but I am happy I decided to bring it here as it really managed to brighten up my day! In general I really like skirts with this cut, it’s very simple but it has a certain elegance to it which sometimes can be harder to obtain with a tighter and shorter skirt (even though I don’t mind wearing those either haha).

Tried uploading this post for such a long time yesterday but with the internet here, it’s really not the easiest task! So instead of today’s outfit it’s yesterdays:)




IMG_3564 IMG_3560 IMG_3557 IMG_3553Jeans: MiH, Shoes: Nike, Skirt: Mango, Coat: Uterqüe 

First flight done and now I’m soon connecting to São Paulo and after that I have one more flight to bring us to our final destination. Because of the long day(s) I’m wearing something that’s comfy but still fun. I’m wearing my new jeans from MiH which I just love. I’ve been looking for a pair of flare jeans forever (or at least that’s what it feels like) and when I found them last week I finally fell in love with a pair!

Today I’m matching them with my new Nike Air shoes, something I wouldn’t normally do as I like flare jeans together with heels or flats but for a long flight I can’t say I mind the happy colours and their comfiness. Matched it all with a jeans shirt and my beige coat. Denim and denim put together can be a difficult match at some times but if done properly it’s a nice touch to any outfit. Do you like denim and denim or do you think it’s too much?


sunday bliss

IMG_3209 IMG_3208 IMG_3213


Jeans: Topshop moto

Today was the best Sunday in a long time, had a long and cosy breakfast, a long walk and the afternoon was spent in la rotonda in the Westin Palace. Loved every minute, and now it’s time for a drink and dinner! Loving the pattern on the jeans, makes them fun to wear any day and today I  matched it with a t-shirt with the same pattern, worked really well together.


dinner date


IMG_3184 IMG_3186

Dress: Zara, Boots: Scorett, Nude top: Filippa K

Yesterday I wanted to wear something a bit more fun when we went out for dinner and since I only used this dress once in Florence I thought it was time to pull it out of the closet again. I love how voluminous the skirt of the dress is while the upper part is tight and almost totally see through, which is also why I matched with a nude top under.

by your side

Side L

face L

Shirt L

Bending L


Trench coat: Burberry, Jeans: Ralph Lauren, Belt: The Kooples, Shoes: Scorett, White shirt: Filippa K

It’s Monday, sunny but cold. Perfect outfit for a late breakfast with my boy but I can’t believe he’s leaving today and that I have three weeks filled with exams and studying in front of me before I get to see him.



all black

Hallway with LHallway Half body LFace L
Face Hallway L

Laughing L

Jeans: Ralph Lauren, Belt: Uterqüe ,Shoes: Reebok Easytone, T-Shirt: Zara, Leather Jacket – Zara, Wool fur vest: Tiger of Sweden

All black today with layers to prevent me from freezing.

Wonderful Sunday with my boy, filled with long walks, Mercado de San Miguel for some tapas and later dinner at Taberna Los Gallos 



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