countryside pink and silver

by wemilia

IMG_3666brazil countryside IMG_3668 IMG_3649

Skirt; Zara, Sweater; Samsoe o Samsoe, Flats; Pied a terre

Yesterday I visited the countryside outside of Uberlandia and it was truly beautiful but and even though I am in Brazil I can’t say that the weather was at its best, it was actually kind of grey with rain here and there so I decided to cheer myself up with a bright pink skirt. I bought it about 2-3 years ago and I really don’t wear it a lot but I am happy I decided to bring it here as it really managed to brighten up my day! In general I really like skirts with this cut, it’s very simple but it has a certain elegance to it which sometimes can be harder to obtain with a tighter and shorter skirt (even though I don’t mind wearing those either haha).

Tried uploading this post for such a long time yesterday but with the internet here, it’s really not the easiest task! So instead of today’s outfit it’s yesterdays:)